Wekfest Seattle Recap // Photo Set 1

This past Sunday the SpeedFactory Team made the trek North to the Seattle Convention Center for Wekfest 2023. Having only attended races the past two years we looked forward to setting up shop and hanging out with friends and fans. Like any automotive event the show prep. came down to the last hour.  Having just blown the fenders off the car at IFO we had been in a time crunch to get the fiberglass repaired, thankfully WrapJax made a house call and was able to finish the front end with fresh vinyl right before the weekend. 

As you may know, the quality of builds that attend a Wekfest event have always been top notch and set the standard for the community. Swiping through social media you could start to see the Honda OG's (some who have graced the pages of popular magazines) posting teaser shots of their cars getting detailed and ready for their journey.... 5:30AM came very quickly Sunday morning and the SF Team all made their way up I-5 North as the warm morning Sun began to blanket the Seattle Skyline. Once in the city we found ourselves under and over pass and first in line to the entrance of the Seattle Convention Center. Show Time.


































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