D-Series Build Sheet!

The Honda D-Series engine platform is a staple in the Honda Community and the platform to which SpeedFactory began its journey in pushing the limits in automotive performance. Its continued success over the years can be attributed to its blend of reliability, affordability, and versatility which is perfect for street car enthusiasts and even drag racing.

D-Series engines have fostered a passionate community, where knowledge and expertise are shared, leading to further advancements in performance and innovation. In this post we wanted to share a current in house D-Series build that boasts some of the best in current performance upgrades, all available here at speedfactoryracing.net!

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D16Y8 (each part is linked to their product page!)

- 75MM SpeedFactory YCP Pistons (Stock Bore)

- SpeedFactory D16 Vitara Spec No-Notch Long Connecting Rods

- King Racing Engine Bearing Set

- ARP Head Studs

- SpeedFactory MLSS-HP D16 Head Gasket

- Supertech Springs and Retainers

- OEM Honda Valves

- SpeedFactory D16 Street Savage Camshaft

- Golden Eagle Cam Gear

- Skunk 2 Pro Series Intake Manifold

- SpeedFactory 70MM Throttlebody

- SpeedFactory Thermal Gaskets

- AEM Fuel Rail

- FIC 1000CC Injectors

- SpeedFactory Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold

- Precision 55/58 Ball Bearing Turbo .63 A/R Turbine Housing

- SpeedFactory Oil Sandwich Plate Adapter

- SpeedFactory 4-Bar Map Sensor

- TurboSmart 45mm WasteGate and Raceport BOV

- SpeedFactory Street Series Side/Side Intercooler

- SpeedFactory Detent Springs/Shifter Spring

- MFactory D16 Limited Slip Differential

- SpeedFactory Titanium Hardware

- SpeedFactory 3” Universal Stainless Steel Exhaust Kit

- Hondata S300

- Walbro 255 Fuel Pump and Filter

- Competition Clutch Stage 4 Clutch Kit





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