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RedRum1 RSX Dyno Session

If you have been in the Honda game for a while, chances are you've heard of or seen local Washingtonian Huy Hoang's (@wiiizzer) Mugen RSX nicknamed "REDRUM1".  Although no detail or part has been overlooked on this car we all know when it comes to boosted cars, anything can happen. Huy recently hit us up about our dyno services after battling boost creep issues for the past year. After jumping on the dyno we came to the conclusion that it was in fact and ECU malfunction with connection pins that were causing these performance issues. With a little ingenuity on the fly, Kevin Kempf was able to get the ECU to operate long enough to fix the tune and put down some solid numbers. 472HP/ 314Torque. Following this session Huy has spoken to us about picking up a new KPro which will resolve this ongoing malfunction. 

To learn more about this build you can checkout the Super Street feature >>>> here <<<<< 










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