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A Dominant Performance at World Cup Finals 2022

🔥What an amazing way to end the year at Maryland International Raceway, with the SpeedFactory Racing Team going to the finals with both cars!

Jason Ostrem and the SLO4DR took Runner-Up in the Wild Street class and moved into the #2 spot on the Honda AWD Top 10 List with a blistering 7.338 @ 198.20mph.

James Kempf and the OUTLAWD Civic took the Win in the Stick Shift class and finally broke into the 6's & set new 1/4 mile World Records!


6.914 @ 198.50 MPH

Worlds Quickest AWD 4-Cylinder
First AWD Honda in the 6's
Worlds Quickest & Fastest 24.5" Tire Car

First 24.5" Tire Car in the 6's

Thank you to all of our families, fans, sponsors, media companies, Maryland International Raceway, and Jason Miller for making this all possible!! Stay tuned for 2023!

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