YCP Vitara Pistons with Eagle H-Beam Rods D16

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YCP Vitara Pistons with Eagle H-Beam Rods D16

This is a kit that we sell as a combo. Any size Vitara Pistons with Eagle H Beam Connecting Rods.

The pistons include: - 4 YCP Pistons,Pins, and Clips - Complete Ring Set We have pushed the limits of these pistons on our own engines. We currently hold the world record for horse power on these pistons in a stock sleeve D16Z6. We have used these in countless street engines that produce up to 400HP on a streetable pumpgas setup. - YCP pistons are made from a much more strong cast (AC8a Grade) - 19mm Floating Wrist pins. Will fit aftermarket D16 forged rods. - T-6 Heat treated for even greater strength. - Highly resistant to heat. - Dual oil holes to provide better Wrist Pin Lubrication. - Teflon coating to provide smoother running, increase piston life, improve cylinder sealing for less blow by and more power, reduce friction. - Help prevent damage from inadequate lubrication, Especially during cold start-ups.


Piston To Wall Clearance:  .0025" 

Top Piston Ring End Gap:  .020" -  .024"

Second Piston Ring End Gap:  .020" - .024"

Oil Control Rings End Gap:  .015" MINIMUM

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