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XS Power D680 Battery


Overview: The XS Power D680 is a 12-volt battery that is designed to be used as a supplemental power source in your vehicle. It can be used to provide additional power for your car audio system, or can be used in marine applications.

Terminals Needed: This D-series battery does not come with battery terminals, so you will need to purchase the proper terminal adapters to fit the inner diameter of your power ring terminals before installing. Recommended terminal adapters include: Two 5/16" brass stud adapters (#589), Two 3/8" brass stud adapters (#590), Two 5/16" + Two 3/8" brass stud adapters (#588), or Two 3/8" zinc-plated steel stud adapters (#587). You could also choose the Short Brass Post Adapters (#580) or the Long Brass Post Adapters (#586).

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM): XS Power's AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries use a fibrous material to suspend the liquid electrolyte against the lead plates. Because the electrolyte is absorbed in the material, there is little chance of an acid leak, even in the event the case is ruptured. AGM batteries contain more lead compared to traditional "flooded" batteries, thus producing more power.

Installation: In typical car stereo applications, D-series batteries are installed in the trunk or hatch of the vehicle, close to the amplifier. The Stamped Aluminum Side Mount box (#511 or #512) will allow you to mount the battery cleanly to a side wall. A second battery install kit, such as the XS Power AK1000, can be used to connect the D680. It should be wired in parallel (+ to + and - to -) with your vehicle's battery. Should you decide to mount the battery under the hood, you will need the MC-D680 Protective Metal Case to reinforce and protect the battery case. The 680 Billet Aluminum Hold Down (#515) can also be helpful in mounting the battery under the hood.

Specifications: The D680 has the following specifications:

MAX Amps: 1000 amps
Cranking Amps (at 32°F): 320 amps
Reserve Capacity: 28 minutes
Discharge Capacity: 20 Ah (amp hours)
Dimensions: Length=7.13", Height=6.57", Width=3.03"
Weight: 15.42 pounds

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