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Supertech Valve Stem Seal Kit Honda/Acura

IG ST-VS-H5.5E - ST-VS-H5.5I
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Supertech Valve Stem Seal Kit Honda/Acura

Supertech Valve Stem Seals for Honda/Acura B, D, H, K Series Engines

Honda B18a, B18b, B18c1, B18c5, B18c, B16a1, B16a, B16, B16a3, D16a6, D16, D16z6, D16y8, D16y7, H22a1, H22a, H22, H22a4, H22a5 -- Acura K20a1, K20a2, K20a, K20, K24a, K24

Supertech 5.5mm viton valve stem seals reduced outer diameter valve seals are perfect for those that are using dual valve springs or may otherwise have valve spring clearance issues or just need to install new Valve Stem Seals due to worn pieces.

This is for a complete set of 16 seals, 8 intake and 8 exhaust

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