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Supertech Springs and Retainer Kit for D Series Honda

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Supertech Springs and Retainer Kit for D Series Honda

This is a set of 16 Supertech Single Valvesprings and Titanium Retainers for Honda D16Y8, D17, and D16Z Engines. These valvesprings and retainers will reliably allow your engine to rev high without the worry of part failure, valve float, or coil bind. Aftermarket valvesprings are made out of superior metal alloy's and optimized spring rates to make sure your valvetrain can keep up with your cams at high RPM. Whether you are rebuilding your engine, or building an all out race engine, replacing your valvetrain with Supertech components will allow you to rev higher, and go more aggressive on your cams.

Supertech has been around for a long time in the Valvetrain industry, and has race proven their product year after year, and backed it up with world records and first place trophies. We use Supertech in our top level engine builds for good reason. We suggest Supertech Valvesprings and Retainers and actually use them in some of our very own cars.

There are 3 Major Issues with stock valvetrain, that can be prevented by using Supertech Components.

  • Valve Float - When we rev our engines higher than they were designed to rev from the factory (which we often do when racing), sometimes the factory springs may not be strong enough to fully pop all the way back up and close the valve between rotations of the cam. This makes the valve actually stay open during the combustion stage of the engine cycle, leaking compression out of the engine, and losing power under load.

  • Coil Bind and Valvespring Failure - Factory valvesprings are made from cost effective materials that will survive normal driving, usually the entire life span of a un-modified car. The factory did not account for enthusiasts when they chose materials which is why it is common for high mileage factory valvesprings to crack or break when put through the abuse of racing. High RPM, increased compression, aggressive cam profiles, and other factors can cause valvesprings to perminantly bend out of shape (coil bind) or even break and drop into the engine (spring failure), potentially causing irrepairable damage. Supertech's valvesprings are made from carefully chosen alloys to stand up to the worst abuse.

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