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SpeedFactory x Wavetrac Honda B-Series AWD LSD

WAV 60.309.181WK
$1,095.00 $930.75


SpeedFactory has partnered with Wavetrac Differentials to develop the ultimate Limited Slip Differential for your top level AWD B-series build!

We took everything into consideration and unlike any other differential available, our design will fit your EXISTING FWD B-Series fitment axle sets with no need to modify or swap out the passenger side cup. Just plug in and go with your current FWD axle sets!

Note: AWD CR-V Front Axles are also compatible with the Standard Version Differential.

These are available in both Standard (27-spline) AND Pro-Level LSD (28-spline) versions for use with DSS Pro-Level FWD B-Series axles.

Wavetrac differentials are designed from a clean sheet using state-of-the-art knowledge and engineering to be a superior differential. It uses a patented internal design to improve grip in low traction conditions. This gives you quicker acceleration and faster cornering by driving both drive wheels instead of just one, and offers improved no-load performance when compared to other helical gear differentials on the market.

The Pro-Limited Slip Differential is made with larger internal gears specifically for use with Driveshaft Shop 28-spline Pro-Level axles and intermediate bar. Designed to withstand the demands of the highest horsepower drag race applications and used in the fastest Hondas to date, this differential also provides drivability that simply cannot be achieved with a spool (locked differential). Put the power to both wheels while still being able to turn around at the end of the dragstrip and put your car on / in your trailer without disconnecting your axles or having someone help you turn the wheel.

All Wavetrac differentials include a transferable, Limited Lifetime Warranty. See Wavetrac's website here for warranty details.

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