SpeedFactory Racing Titanium VTEC Eliminator Pin Kit for Honda F20/F22C Series

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SpeedFactory Racing Titanium VTEC Eliminator Pin Kit for Honda F20/F22C Series

SpeedFactory Racing Titanium VTEC Eliminator Pin Kit for Honda F20/F22C Series

These pin kits are designed to be used in drag race applications where the engine is operated at high RPM with limited idle/low rpm use, not in a street car.

-8 Pins for locking VTEC on all F20/F22C Series VTEC engines
-Lightweight Titanium, 29% lighter than stock pins (5.2g per rocker assembly)
-VTEC solenoid can be left in place, or a block off plate can be utilized
-LMA's can be left in place or be removed

Gain these advantages:

  • Reduced weight in the valve train which helps maintain proper valve motion and reduce the chances of valve float with extreme high RPM use.
  • Eliminate the chances of having a wiring or VTEC solenoid related issue that can cause the engine to drop out of VTEC during a run.
  • Eliminating the VTEC system function actually increases oil pressure to the engine’s bottom end and camshaft spray bars.

SpeedFactory VTEC Eliminator Pin Kit Installation Notes

Please take care to follow these installation notes – using these guidelines, we have successfully used these locking pin kits for years in our own race cars without issue.

Camshaft Lobe & Rocker Pad Condition:

Make sure these items are in good condition - smooth with no signs of scuffing, scoring, or pitting. If any of these conditions exist you will experience accelerated wear!

Engine Oil:
Running aftermarket camshafts and valve springs with high valve seat pressure and oil that does not have high levels of high-pressure additives such as ZDDP (we recommend an oil with 1200+ppm such as Torco SR-1r, SR-5r, or TR-1r) can wipe out the camshaft lobes and rocker pads. This is not specific to locking VTEC, it happens with normal VTEC system operation as well. We have had good results from 85-100lbs seat pressure on our race cars. Going much higher than that will cause accelerated wear.

Valve Lash:
B & H series - Lash measured at the VTEC lobe needs to be set to 0.006” Intake and 0.008” Exhaust minimum. You can also measure at the valve tip as below.
K,F,D series - Lash measured at the valve tip needs to be set to 0.010” Intake and 0.012” Exhaust minimum.
This is critical! Running tighter lash than this WILL result in premature camshaft lobe and rocker pad wear!

Lost Motion Assemblies (LMAs) & VTEC Solenoid:
LMAs can either be left in place or removed; we have run it both ways successfully. That being said, leaving them in place allows them to act as a “helper” spring, but keeps the rocker pads up against the camshaft’s base circle. Removing the LMAs ensures that the oil film does not get wiped from the base circle which helps alleviate any possible wear issues, so we recommend removing them.

If the VTEC solenoid is installed but not activated it does nothing; functioning the same as an aftermarket VTEC block off plate. You can use either.

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