SpeedFactory Racing Titanium Cam Gear Stud Kit - D-Series

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Upgrade your ugly stock cam mounting bolt to the SpeedFactory Racing Titanium Cam Gear Stud Kit!

As with all our titanium products, these feature high strength, low weight, and superior corrosion resistance - these will not corrode like your stock steel hardware.

This SpeedFactory Racing Titanium Cam Gear Stud Kits are made of high-quality Ti 6Al-4V and incorporate a 3mm hex key tip that allows them to be easily installed using an Allen wrench. Titanium 12mm head nut & cam washer are included.

Our specially designed stud with low profile nipple provides 66% more thread engagement than the OEM bolt. There is a recessed pocket in the end of the camshaft that nets only ~12mm of threads engaged with the OEM bolt vs ~20mm with our stud kit, and the thread engagement length works with both the shallow OEM or deeper aftermarket camshaft bolt holes.

These kits include the following:
(1) M8 x 1.25mm x 43mm Titanium Cam Stud
(1) M8 x 1.25mm 12mm head Titanium Flange Nut
(1) M8 x 5mm Titanium Cam Washer

Confirmed Fitments:


Recommended Torque Specifications:

NOTE: Studs require less torque than bolts for the same clamping force.

Ti Stud into Camshaft: Hand-tight
Ti Nut onto Stud: 23ft-lbs

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