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SpeedFactory Racing OBD1 (Vehicle) to OBD2 (Distributor) Conversion Harness

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SpeedFactory Racing OBD1 (Vehicle) to OBD2 (Distributor) Conversion Harness

SpeedFactory Racing Distributor Conversion Harnesses were developed to save you time and also to help eliminate the many common problems associated with distributor re-wiring.

Perfect for engine swaps or mis-matched distributor-to-engine harness situations, we designed our harnesses to be superior to other versions available on the market by using original equipment style pin connections on all plugs, keeping the leads to a safe yet functional length, and by using durable automotive grade wire that meets / exceeds OEM specifications.

Installation is simple and no cutting or soldering is necessary. Plug in one side of the harness to your OBD-1 vehicle and the other side into your OBD-2 Distributor.

**Note: Harnesses are compatible with 10-pin style OBD-2 Plugs only. Please see images.**

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