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SpeedFactory Racing Aluminum Tucked Radiator

Available for Order


The SpeedFactory Racing Aluminum Tucked Radiator is a must have when trying to utilize precious engine bay space in your Honda/Acura vehicle. These radiators are substantially more efficient than your OEM radiator even under average daily driving conditions, and also provide lower coolant temperatures in very extreme environments and conditions- resulting in the increased performance you need all around for your vehicle.

B/D/H/F - Outlets will be on the back right side of the radiator.

K/J - Outlets will be on the back left side of the radiator.

- The radiator core is USA made, 100% aluminum and the radiator is a dual pass, dual core cross flow design that is proven to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 20-30 degrees.

- The Speedfactory logo is CNC engraved into the top of the shroud, and these radiators are available in standard hose end (32mm) or -16AN configurations for the ultimate clean look.

- This radiator is designed for street, track, and show applications.

- Dual SPAL High Performance cooling fans and 1-piece aluminum fan shroud is attached for maximum cooling efficiency.

- SPAL 30100358 Fan Specifications: 7.5" Straight Blade Puller Fan, 366CFM 15AMP Fuse

- Overall dimensions: 24" wide x 9 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" thick (Thickness includes fan shroud and fans).

- Welded inlet / outlet fittings are either -16AN male -OR- 32mm billet hose ends

- Radiator drain fitting is -6AN ORB (O-Ring Boss)

- All SpeedFactory Racing radiators are proudly manufactured and pressure tested in-house

- Hundreds of road racers, drag racers, show car owners, and daily drivers all around the world are staying cool with a SpeedFactory Racing Aluminum Tucked Radiator. Order yours today!


Minor drilling for the mounting holes (and in some applications minor cutting of the radiator support) is necessary for installation.

**NOTE** The mounting tabs do not come with holes drilled in them because many applications will need to have the holes drilled in slightly different locations.

For our -16 AN Tucked Radiator Hose and Fitting Kits, please click HERE

Our fitting configuration recommendations are as follows:

B Series Cylinder Head:

Thermostat Housing - 45 Degree Fitting 

Bottom of Radiator - 45 Degree Fitting

Filler Neck - 45 Degree Fitting

Top of Radiator - 45 Degree Fitting 

K-Series Engines

Thermostat Housing - 45 Degree Fitting

Bottom of Radiator - 90 Degree Fitting

Filler Neck - 45 Degree Fitting

Top of Radiator - 45 Degree Fitting

Please Allow 5 - 7 Days For Fabrication.


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