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SpeedFactory Racing 2015+ Ford EcoBoost Mustang 600HP Dual Backdoor Intercooler



SpeedFactory Racing 2015+ Ford EcoBoost Mustang 600HP Dual Backdoor Intercooler

An upgraded intercooler is by far the most important and beneficial modification to this car!

A single 4th gear dyno pull on a stone cold stock intercooler with our shop test car resulted in extremely high charge air temperatures over 150*F. In real world use the stock intercooler can easily allow charge air temperatures well over 200*F. This results in increased knock, reduced ignition timing to combat knock, and low power output.

With the stock intercooler, during a 4th gear pull we logged peak charge air temps of 153*F. With our intercooler peak charge air temps dropped to an amazing 76*F peak! That's a massive -77*F cooler, 50% lower than the stock intercooler.

The SpeedFactory Ford EcoBoost Mustang Intercooler is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock intercooler and compatible with the factory plastic and rubber charge pipes. We saw +32whp/+26wtq just by swapping on our intercooler vs stock intercooler, with even larger gains when increasing power and boost levels.



  • 3.4x greater mass than stock for greatly increased thermal capacity
  • 57% increase in internal volume
  • 2.5" inlet / 2.5" outlet bead rolled tube ends
  • Smooth flowing CNC laser-cut H-3 5052 aluminum endtank design
  • Carefully hand-formed & TIG welded in-house

Calibration/Technical Data:

The stock intercooler has an internal volume of 3.5L, with 4.480L used as the factory Intercooler Volume Filling Model value. This leaves 0.98L of volume for the charge piping.

The SpeedFactory intercooler has an internal volume of 5.5L, so add 0.98L of volume for the charge piping and use 6.480L for your Intercooler Volume Filling Model value with our intercooler.

Stock intercooler weight - 6.7lbs
SpeedFactory intercooler weight - 22.6lbs

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