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SpeedFactory Racing Naturally Aspirated Oil Catch Can

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SpeedFactory Racing Naturally Aspirated Oil Catch Can

The SpeedFactory Racing Naturally Aspirated Catch Can is designed to work with any B-Series naturally aspirated (non-supercharged, non-turbocharged) engine setup. This breather setup is engineered to provide the sufficient crankcase ventilation your high performance engine needs, and also condenses crankcase blow-by oil and moisture correctly. The factory PCV system is replaced and all oil vapors are vented to the atmosphere through the single filter.

This kit includes the following:

(1) Naturally Aspirated Catch Can

(1) Breather Filter

(2) B-Series engine block adapter fittings

(2) Catch can hose fittings - 1/2" NPT x 1/2" Barbed

(1) Mounting bracket and (1)clamp

(1) Drain Plug

1/2" Oil hose and (4) clamps


Catch Can Dimensions: 3" diameter x 7" tall

Speedfactory Racing Catch Can Hose and Fitting Kits available here!

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