SPAL 12" Curved Blade High Performance Fan / 12V Puller

SPAL 30102029
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VA10-AP70/LL-61A Fan (12" HP Curved Blade)

12" Curved Blade High Performance Fan / 12V Puller

Our most popular fan design offers the highest performance on the market today. A street rodder's dream--high airflow for low clearance applications. It is used as a primary cooling fan for many makes and models of today's automobiles. The motor is fully sealed and waterproof/proofdustproof. Each fan is individually balanced for long life. A curved blade design is also available for reduced noise.

One of the most under rated item in your high performance engine build is a good radiator fan. Cooling the water/coolant running through the radiator is extremely important in every kind of racing. Maintaning the right temperature is much easier with a good, high-volume, electric fan. We are proud to recommend SPAL as our choice of fan.
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