Skunk2 '92-'95 Civic, '94-'01 Integra Pro-ST Coilovers

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Skunk2 '92-'95 Civic, '94-'01 Integra Pro-ST Coilovers

Skunk2 Racing’s Pro-ST Coilovers are engineered as the best single adjustable suspension system on the market at a price point you can afford! Serious club racers and discerning high performance street car owners agree that the Pro-ST's 12 way dampening, mono-tube design, threaded shock bodies with independent height/ spring pre-load adjustment, and billet radial bearing upper camber mounts give them all the control they need at the track without sacrificing ride quality on the street. *FEATURES:* * Mono-Tube Design * 12-Way Adjustable Dampening * One-Piece Forged Shock Body * Micro-Polished Oversized Piston Shaft * Independent Pre-Load/ Ride-Height Adjustments * Reduced Shaft Stroke for Full Suspension Travel on Lowered Vehicles * Billet Aluminum Spring Perches * CNC Wound SAE9254V Racing Springs

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