RIFE Sensors EFI Boost Sensor Starter Pack

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RIFE Sensors EFI Boost Sensor Starter Pack

Designed to be a starter pack when building a new LS boosted engine, this combo kit gives you everything you need and eliminates the guess work. Perfect for installing and plugs right in to existing LS Sensor types on coolant/intake air temp and harnesses for Holley, Haltech, Fueltech, MS3 Pro, and more. This kit works perfect with Holley Terminator, HP, X Max, and Dominator for LS swap plug and play kits!

Save over 75$ when you bundle! 

Provided are the following sensors:

  • RIFE Fast Response Coolant Temp Sensor M12 Factory Thread Pitch
  • RIFE Fast Response Standard IAT 1/8" NPT (GM Connector)
  • 1/8" NPT Aluminum Weld Bung (if not putting IAT directly into intake)
  • 100 PSI Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • 100 PSI Oil Pressure Sensor
  • Choose your MAP Sensor 3 Bar, 4 Bar, or 5 Bar
  • Motion Raceworks M16 to 1/8" NPT oil pressure sensor adapter
  • 100 PSI Dome Pressure Sensor (if turbocharged)
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