RIFE G-Series 1.75" TPS / Shift Travel Sensor 52-1702

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RIFE G-Series 1.75" TPS / Shift Travel Sensor 52-1702


RIFE G-Series 1.82" Travel Sensor 52-1702

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Shock Travel Sensors by RIFE Sensors are built to perform on the track, delivering you shock position (linear travel position) with a consistent and dependable signal. These sensors are 0-5v and come in a variety of lengths to suit your shock package. Compatible with Holley EFI, Haltech, Fueltech, Motec, Racepak, AEM and more!

100% Made in the USA

Note: this is the G-Spot Sensor Shock Sensor acquired by Motion Raceworks/RIFE sensors in 2023


  • 3 Wire 0-5V Sensor Output
  • Each travel sensor is hand built and tested at Motion Raceworks
  • Optimized to 40 in/sec extension and compression
  • Sample rate at 10,200 Hz


  • Compressed Length: 7.69"
  • Extended Max Length: 9.51"
  • Max Travel Length 1.82"
  • Eyelet size: #10 screw or .200 inch

Wire Colors:

  • Red: 5v Sensor Power
  • White: Signal
  • Black: Sensor Ground

***Please note: Sensor Power and Ground must come directly from ECU or data logger. These must be dedicated sensor power and ground.***

For our whole line of shock sensor lengths and mounts click the link below!


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