RIFE 60 psi Pressure Sensor Transducer 1/8" NPT

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RIFE 60 psi Pressure Sensor Transducer 1/8" NPT

RIFEĀ 60 psi Pressure Sensor TransducerĀ 1/8" NPT (52-60PSI)

RIFE Sensors are designed to perform in the harshest environments while delivering world class data and accuracy.Ā 

These screw inĀ Pressure TransducersĀ utilize the same state of the art proprietary sensor core used in our RIFE pressure blocks, with a specially designed body. These stainless sensor bodiesĀ hold the sensor core on an O-ring to better isolate the sensor from engine and road vibrations to create a more durable and dependable sensor.Ā 

These sensors utilize a standard 3 pin Delphi connector for utilization with all popular EFI harnessesĀ 

RIFE pressure transducers have been tested and are compatible with Trans Fluid, Gasoline, Oxygenated Fuels, Methanol, Oil, Coolant, Water, Air, CO2, Brake Fluid and more!

This 5v style pressure transducer works great with Holley EFI, Haltech, Fueltech, MS3 Pro, Racepak, and more!

All RIFE Sensors are quality checked for functionality, sealing/leaks, and are held to accuracy of +/- 0.5% in order to provide the end user with the best possible data on the market!

*Note: Unlike most Motion Raceworks family of products, these sensors like most electronics are not 100% Made in the USA. While we diligently attempt to source all US electronic components, we have not been able to source everything domestically.Ā 

Add a male connector kit w/ pins

Crimp Terminal Kit:Ā Click Here

Flying Lead Connector:Ā Click Here


RIFE Pressure Sensor Wiring and Size DrawingĀ 

Ā Ā 

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