Motion Raceworks 2.500" 16 Tooth High Def Driveshaft Speed Wheel (Ford 8.8) - Sensor Included

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Motion Raceworks High Def Driveshaft Speed Wheel (Ford 8.8) - Sensor Included

Motion Raceworks High Resolution Driveshaft Speed Wheel offers amazing quality driveshaft speed data with a high resolution approach to help smooth out your graph and deliver accurate data to your recording device or traction control. Our billet steel collar offers 16 tooth pickup points for a hall effect pickup that reduces noise and allows for all of the benefits of a square wave signal.

This piece is TRACK PROVEN and we only suggest purchasing this if you like to crush the competition! MRW driveshaft wheel can be utilized with nearly any data collection system as well as any EFI system. As long as your system allows for a hall effect pickup you are good to go! Approved systems include MS3Pro, Holley EFI, Fueltech, Racepak and more!

This kit is for the Standard Ford 8.8 rear-end and is pictured with a Strange Yoke with 1350 u-joints. Due to the design of these rear ends, you MUST use a yoke such as the one pictured that has a recessed step where the driveshaft goes. On the Strange yoke the OD of this section is 2.500". The reluctor wheel depth is .475" so this much room is required. If you do not use this Strange yoke, I cannot guarantee this will work for 8.8 rear-ends.


This kit comes with Reluctor wheel and sensor.

For install instructions: CLICK HERE

Comes with 3 different pull-up resistors for different installs:

1k: Yellow 5v reference

2.4k: White 12v reference

3k: Orange 16v reference

 *This will not fit the Super 8.8 rear ends found in S550 Mustangs*

See our Motion360 Tech YouTube series on this product.

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