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Mishimoto Universal Air-To-Water Intercooler Dual Pass (1000hp) - Same Side Inlet/Outlet

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Mishimoto Universal Air-To-Water Intercooler Dual Pass (1000hp) - Same Side Inlet/Outlet
Keeping air intake temperatures low is the key to decreasing the impact of heat soak, reducing detonation, and producing consistent power output. As a result, Intercooler systems have evolved substantially over the last decade, bringing liquid-to-air intercoolers into popularity. To help bring the compact efficiency of air-to-water intercooling to your project, Mishimoto has developed a full lineup of high-performance air-to-water intercoolers. Our air-to-water intercoolers are available in single or dual-pass coolant flow configurations, each with multiple bar-and-plate core sizes and your choice of same-side or opposite-site outlets. These intercoolers support builds producing up to 1500 horsepower. When it comes to our intercoolers construction, robust is an understatement. Each intercooler features 5mm-thick cast-aluminum end tanks that are custom engineered for superb airflow, reducing overall pressure drop through the cooler. These tanks are professionally TIG-welded to our core, resulting in a pressure tolerance of up to 100 psi of boost. In addition, our intercooler design features unique CNC-machined ribbed inlet and outlet coupler connections, ensuring maximum grip between couplers and intercooler piping. Mounting and plumbing your air-to-water system can seem like a daunting task, but Mishimoto has made both tasks easy by incorporating -16ORB coolant ports into the core and providing a sturdy 1/8” thick steel universal mounting bracket. Adapting to your specific coolant line choice is easy with the Mishimoto -16ORB Aluminum Fitting selection. Mishimoto air-to-water intercoolers are finished with a sleek, durable, micro wrinkle black powder coat. As with all our products, these Mishimoto intercoolers include our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.
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