Mishimoto 2016+ Infiniti Q50/60 3.0T Performance Air-To-Water Intercooler Kit

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Mishimoto 2016+ Infiniti Q50/60 3.0T Performance Air-To-Water Intercooler Kit
That means your turbos don’t have to work as hard, and the boost pressure they generate isn’t wasted shoving air through a restrictive intercooler. All those improvements result in dyno-proven charge air temperatures that are up to 23-degrees cooler than stock. Colder intake charge temps mean your VR30 can make the most of every drop of fuel, and we were able to produce power gains of up to 8 HP and 12 lb.-ft of torque without a retune. We also know that high boost pressures require strong components, which is why we constructed our intercoolers with cast aluminum end tanks. This design eliminates potential leak points and stress concentrations that welded tanks may suffer from. The included ancillary hoses and couplers ensure coolant and air flow reliably through the intercoolers, and the included engine cover spacers let you keep your extra cooling hidden for a stealth approach. Like all Mishimoto products, these performance intercoolers for the 2016+ Q50/Q60 3.0T are backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
2020 INFINITI Q50 Edition 30
2018-2022 INFINITI Q50 Luxe
2016-2017 INFINITI Q50 Premium
2020-2021 INFINITI Q50 Pure
2016-2022 INFINITI Q50 Red Sport 400
2021-2022 INFINITI Q50 Sensory
2019,2021 INFINITI Q50 Signature Edition
2016-2020 INFINITI Q50 Sport
2018-2022 INFINITI Q60 Luxe
2017 INFINITI Q60 Premium
2019-2022 INFINITI Q60 Pure
2017-2022 INFINITI Q60 Red Sport 400
2017-2018 INFINITI Q60 Sport
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