JE Pistons and Rings B Series Engines

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JE Pistons and Rings B Series Engines

With over 50 years of experience, JE Pistons is the leader in high performance forged pistons. JE Pistons have built a reputation that the competition can only follow. JE Pistons has a history of manufacturing the highest quality pistons and components that professional engine builders, race teams, and high performance enthusiasts alike trust and rely on.

The top engine builders in NASCAR, NHRA, IRL, IHRA, IDRA, PROSTAR and others choose JE Pistons over any other brand. For over 50 years, JE Piston's position at the forefront of performance piston manufacturing has been a result of continuous research and development of unique materials, piston designs and technologies.

Utilizing State-Of-The-Art CNC machines for manufacturing along with purpose-designed forgings, JE Pistons is able to maintain exacting specifications on each and every piston and hold tolerances to millionths of an inch.

JE Pistons for Sport Compacts Feature:

Forged from Premium 2618 aluminum alloy
Dome and dishes feature smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel.
CNC Machined side relief with lower support band provides optimal strength for extreme horsepower applications
CNC Diamond turned skirts with reduced cylinder contact profiles provide less friction for increased horsepower
Forced Pin Oilers for increased wrist pin lubrication
Wrist Pin fitting, pin oilers and wire locks included
Piston Rings included in price

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