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Driveshaft Shop Level 5.9 Axle Kit

Available For Order


** May be back ordered 6-8+ weeks, please contact us before purchasing for proper lead times **

This Level 5.9 axle/hub set is similar to the Level 5 system but with a major upgrade to the inner cv. The Driveshaft Shop (DSS) has created a Pro-Level race worthy system that works with the standard spline size on the differential end, you can now use this system with aftermarket limited slip differentials and spools. DSS has made a new ball and cage inner cv from high quality chromoly. This inner CV has 6 contact points and is stronger than a Porsche 930 (108mm) cv (same cv used by many high dollar systems). This along with the 33 spline outer and 36 spline bars makes it the strongest set of axles to date.

The kit comes with both axles and a set of custom hubs that will fit the stock bearing sizes. The kits also come with long ARP studs. This system is designed for 1000WHP and tire size will not affect its strength.

If you need this system custom made please email us, DSS has an entire wall of axle bars in many different sizes and is typically able to make a custom set in a very short time.

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