Bullet Race Engineering Billet Honda B-Series Engine Block

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If you are looking for the ultimate foundation for your B Series build, you have found it.

A building is only as good as the foundation it’s built on, and the same goes for your high output engine build. The Bullet Honda B series billet block has been engineered to deliver reliability in 1700hp environments.

This product has vastly improved block rigidity and improved deck thickness over the stock unit. Distortion of cylinder bores and crank tunnel is dramatically reduced through increased material thickness and a Bullet 4 bolt main cap system.

This product requires minimal modifications to directly replace the standard block.


- Honda B Series (suits all B series applications)

- Actual weight: 79lbs.

- Block material: 6061-T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum.

- Design improvements: 4 bolt mains, increased block deck and cylinder wall thickness. Ductile Iron performance sleeves fitted.

- Studs included: 1/2” Head and 7/16” Main.

- Modifications required to fit: Remote Oil Filter, Water cross pipe, windage tray, and oil pickup tube modifications required.

- Modifications to head required: Drill out head stud holes to 14mm.

- HP rating: 1700* (dependent on application, internals, and tune)

- Significant benefits: Significantly increased rigidity and durability. May be bored to 85mm.

- Finish: Raw machined.

Options Available:

- Wet Deck (OEM Style)

- Dry Deck (No coolant passages through cylinder head mating surface)

- Solid Drag Block (No Coolant)

- Bullet Fire Ring Head Sealing System (optional)

Bullet Race Engines ship from Australia - Standard shipping rate is $750.00 within the USA.


Email: Sales@Speedfactoryracing.net / Phone: (253)566-4331

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