Albins Honda B-Series FWD Drag Racing Dog Engagement Helical Gear Set w/Cuff

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Albins Honda B-Series FWD Drag Racing Dog Engagement Helical Gear Set w/Cuff

FWD2AWD Conversion Kits Now Available!

Albins Performance Transmissions is the largest high performance gears manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. They specialize in engineering and production of driveline components for extreme duty applications.

This is our gearset of choice for over 10 yrs now, with amazing reliability and performance under WOT 11,500+rpm full throttle shifts at 90+psi of boost in our world record holding 7-second 215+mph Outlaw car. Unique design features include replaceable dog rings on 3-4 gears, low dog count with pent-roof design for ease of shifting, and lightweight semi-floating 3/4 slider design.

Albins helical cut design offers high strength, low operating noise levels, and copes with shaft and case deflection/distortion better than similar straight-cut designs.

This is your ultimate choice for a top notch dogbox in your B series racecar!

*Manufactured to ISO 9001/2000 quality standards.
*Billet high-alloy proprietary grade steel.
*CAD engineered custom tooth profiles.
*Robotic CMM scanned for tooth profile perfection.
*Manufactured as a direct-fitment replacement for standard units.
*Anti-fatigue shot peening treatment as standard on all components.
*Designed for use in vehicles with power levels around 1200+HP.

1st-4th gear ratios:
3.0 / 2.0 / 1.39 / 1.09

**Final Drive Sold Separately**
Available Helical Final Drive Ratios:*Can be used with synchro or dog set, or as standard replacement
3.83, 4.09, 4.23, 4.33, 4.36, 4.40, 4.71, 4.73

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