Aeromotive Apex Jet Siphon Kit, Phantom (Jet siphon assembly only)

AER 18706
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Aeromotive Apex Jet Siphon Kit, Phantom (Jet siphon assembly only)
Part Number 18706 Apex Jet-Siphon Pump Kit
Patent Pending, Jet-Siphon Powered Transfer Pump

  • The Apex Jet-Siphon Pump utilizes advanced, patent-pending jet siphon technology to provide a constant supply of cool fuel from a remote spot in the tank into the Phantom bladder or reservoir.

  • State of the art Jet-Siphon technology is self priming and ideal in extreme applications from all-out road-racing to radical rock crawling.

  • Transfers fuel across "saddle-bag" style tanks keeping the main tank and reservoir full.

  • Ideal for applications experiencing extreme cornering loads or radical, off-angle / off road vehicle environments.

  • The Apex Jet-Siphon Pump keeps fuel at the pump inlet even when fuel tank levels are low and fuel is moving away from the pump location.

  • Perfect addition to any existing Phantom.

  • For the ultimate slosh control and low fuel tank performance use with Phantom Bladder Baffles.

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