Aeromotive Fuel Pump, Universal, Phantom, 60-psi, 6-10" Depth

AER 18329
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Aeromotive Fuel Pump, Universal, Phantom, 60-psi, 6-10" Depth
Part Number 18329 EFI-Returnless Phantom In-Tank Pump
Internally regulated, returnless EFI fuel pump kit

Featuring the same simple, fabrication free installation of the return style Phantom kits, but you just run one AN-06 supply line through an Aeromotive high flow filter to the engine, connect a proper power supply to the pump and bang, you're done!  Supports up to 600 FWHP naturally aspirated and up to 450 FWHP forced induction on gasoline.  Reduce FWHP limit by 30% for E85.

  • 340 Stealth in-tank, baffled fuel pump

  • 55-60 PSI internal bypass valve for returnless installations

  • ORB-06 outlet and vent ports

  • Gasoline and Ethanol compatible

  • Turbine pumping mechanism can be pulse modulated

Recommended parts to complete the system include:
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