Aeromotive System, Fuel, Phantom 340, Returnless, w/ Throttle Body

AER 17170
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Aeromotive System, Fuel, Phantom 340, Returnless, w/ Throttle Body
Part Number 17170: EFI Returnless - Phantom 340 & Installation Kit

These new Phantom EFI Fuel Systems include all main fuel system components required to create a true, pulse-modulated,  "return-less" EFI fuel system.  Specifically engineered for engines with today's Hot New Carb to EFI Throttle Body Conversion Systems equipped with a fuel pressure transducer and an ECU capable of controlling fuel pressure with pulse modulation technology.  Includes the desired Phantom Baffled Fuel Pump Kit with a 340 LPH fuel pump.  Each system includes Aeromotive billet high-flow billet fuel filter, filter mounting bracket, plus all the required port fittings and o-rings

For "return-less style" throttle body EFI conversion systems. Suitable for naturally aspirated EFI engines producing from 300- 500 flywheel Horse Power.  AN-06 Style fuel hose and hose-ends are required for the installation of a fuel supply line, sold separately and not included.

This kit contains the following parts:

1ea Part Number 18688 Phantom 340
1ea Part Number 12321 Filter 10 micron Paper
1ea Part Number 12305 Filter Bracket
2 ea Part Number 15606 AN-06 ORB to AN-06 flare
2 ea Part Number 15609 AN-10 ORB to AN-06 flare
1ea Part Number 15626 AN-06 Port Plug

Click here to learn more about this  universal in tank fuel system. 

Click here for installation instructions
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