Aeromotive Wiring Kit, Fuel Pump, Deluxe

AER 16307
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Aeromotive Wiring Kit, Fuel Pump, Deluxe
Part Number 16307 Premium HD Fuel Pump Wiring Kit
Recommended for all Aeromotive electric fuel pumps
30-amp capablefully loomed and 70% terminated

Kit construction includes:

  • 30 Amp 12 VDC Automotive Relay

  • 30 Amp 12 VDC Circuit Breaker

  • 20' overall length for full size vehicles

  • 10-gauge power and ground wires

  • 16-gauge trigger wire

  • Self Tapping mounting screws

  • Wire ties.

Tools required for installation:

  • Electrical terminal crimping tool

  • 5/16” nut driver

  • Electric Drill

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