Aeromotive Filter, In-Line, AN-16, 100 micron Stainless Steel

AER 12362
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Aeromotive Filter, In-Line, AN-16, 100 micron Stainless Steel
Part Number 12362: Extreme Flow 100-m SS AN-16 ORB Fuel Filter
Max flow filtration for Brushless Gear and Mechanical Fuel Pumps

High-flow Stainless Steel filter ideal for broad fuel applications including Alcohol Methanol, Ethanol, Gasoline and Diesel fuel using mechanical or electric fuel pumps up to 32-GPM.

Suitable prefilter with mechanical or electric pumps up to 12-GPM.  Suitable post filter for mechanical injection systems up to 32-GPM mechanical pumps.

  • High-flow, 100-micron Stainless Steel cleanable element.

  • Ideal for Gasoline, Alcohol Methanol, Ethanol and Diesel fuels.

  • Prefilter for up to 12-GPM mechanical or electric fuel pumps.

  • Post filter for 32-GPM mechanical fuel injection systems.

  • Flows 6,000 lb/hr (12-GPM) with a pressure drop under 1-PSI.

  • Flows 12,000 lb/hr (32-GPM) with a pressure drop of 2-PSI.

  • AN-16 ORB ports. Fittings available to adapt these filters from AN-16 down to AN-08 line sizes. (see Fittings & Adapters).

  • Extreme-Flow filters feature a tough, Hard-Coat Black finish.

  • 10" long x 2-5/8" diameter.

  • Replacement element Part Number 12662

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