3/8" RIFE Surface Temperature Sensor M5 Connector

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3/8" RIFE Surface Temperature Sensor M5 Connector

RIFE Sensors Surface Mount Temperature Sensors for 3/8" Bolt M5 Connector

*Note: We recommend creating a strain relief for the wiring due to the size of the wiring and nature of the use of this product*

Temperature Range -20 to 275°F

Bolt-Down or Sub-surface mounting

Bolt-Down Style for 3/8” Bolt

Bolt-Down Style comes with Insulating Washer

Sub-Surface Style mounts in 3/32” hole with Epoxy, Silicone or 400°F adhesive disc (included)

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Calibration >>


*Note: Unlike most Motion Raceworks family of products, these sensors like most electronics are not 100% Made in the USA. While we diligently attempt to source all US electronic components, we have not been able to source everything domestically. 

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