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EG Mini-Tuck Brake Line Kit (Stock Master Cylinder Setup)

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EG Mini-Tuck Brake Line Kit (Stock Master Cylinder Setup)
This brake line kit is for those looking to do some minor tidying up of the engine bay brake components. This kit relocates the prop valve within the engine bay by moving its location down low near the subframe/steering rack. If you are wanting to clean up the look of your firewall but are looking for a cost effective kit with an easier installation process than the "full tuck" kits then this is for you.

This kit is designed for use on the "EG" chassis 92-95 Civic with stock master cylinder setup.

The "Mini-Tuck" kit includes two stainless braided hoses from the master cylinder to the prop valve,  two unique combination stainless braided hoses with custom formed hard line ends for routing to the factory front caliper hoses, and two custom formed hard lines for adapting to the stock rear hard lines in the engine bay (compression fittings included).

Please note that this kit requires cutting of the factory rear hard lines in the engine bay. No flaring is necessary as they will be reconnected with compression fittings. If you require complete under car replacement lines please email us at for a custom request quote.

Please allow 1-3 days for shipment. Brake hoses consist of a Teflon inner liner followed by a stainless braided covering and then finished with a poly outer coating for abrasion resistance to painted surfaces.


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