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"Hydro-Lock" for FL Staging Brake

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Introducing the new Finishing Lines "Hydro-Lock" for FL Staging Brake!

This unique kit bolts to either side of the FL Staging Brake and creates the ability to lock hydraulic pressure to the rear calipers. Simply pull back on the staging brake lever, turn the knob on the Hydro-Lock and then you can release the staging brake lever. Pressure will remain locked to the rear calipers for parked periods. To release the pressure simply turn the Hydro-Lock knob back to the open position.

The Hydro-Lock setup back plate is reversible for either right hand or left hand mounting. Simply choose the right hand or left hand selection to ensure we supply you with the correct hard line setup for easy plumbing.

Kit includes the Hydro-Lock holder, valve, hardware, adapter fittings, banjo bolt, crush washers and custom formed -3AN hard line.

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