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SpeedFactory Forward Facing Drag Turbo Manifold



SpeedFactory Forward Facing Drag Turbo Manifold



Retail pricing $1,299 (standard T4 Divided turbine inlet, Dual TiAL MV-R/MV-S)

+$150 single Tial V60, Divided T4 turbine inlet flange

*Requires notching or replacement of upper headlight support

*Race applications only

The SpeedFactory Forward Facing Manifold has set and broke SEVERAL world records on our own B-Series powered race cars. This manifold is for EXTREMELY high powered applications where maximum torque and horsepower are desired on high-revving racing engines fitted with larger T4 turbochargers. Our custom, ultra-long merge collectors create a turbulent-free area for the exhaust gas to enter the turbine housing in even pulses at high velocities- making it the ultimate drag race manifold. Precise boost control is enabled by the twin wastegates, allowing for large amounts of wastegated exhaust flow and better traction. Our Forward Facing manifold is constructed from high quality 1.5” Schedule 40 polished stainless steel, and is TIG-Welded and back purged to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality product possible. Our cylinder head, wastegate, and turbine inlet flanges are CNC machined from ½” plate 1018 Steel and all mating surfaces are machined flat ensuring a perfect seal.

*Manifolds are custom built to order*

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