PTP Cobra Exhaust Sleeves

KIT FPRO35-025-01 + FPRO35-026-01
$449.95 $426.99


Tired of getting burned by the side exhaust of your AC Cobra or Cobra replica? Eliminate Cobra “snake bites” with a PTP Cobra Sleeve. Our Cobra Sleeves are made out of the same top quality materials as our Turbo Blankets, providing the ultimate in heat protection.

We have developed two versions of this new product, the “Full” Sleeve and the “Mini” Sleeve. The Full Sleeve covers the entire side exhaust assembly and the Mini Sleeve covers only the exhaust resonator. They each offer very quick, simple installation, and they are each manufactured to handle the elements and withstand the test of time.

Our Cobra Sleeves were designed specifically for the standard side exhaust of the Factory Five Cobra (all generations), but will also fit other manufacturers’ Cobra replicas, such as Superformance, Backdraft, Lone Star Classics, etc., with minimal modifications, if any.

Also, if you have another vehicle with side exhausts, such as an early Corvette, Caterham Seven, etc., and you would like a PTP exhaust sleeve designed specifically for your needs, please call or email us so we can develop a custom design to fit your needs.

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