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M&W Pro Drag 4 Ignition System

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This is the strongest ignition system we have to offer, only needed for very high boost drag cars on gasoline or methanol. We start with M&W's Pro Drag 4 CDI. This box has 250mj of output in comparison to the 105mj of the standard Pro 14 CDI. In combination with the Honda CBR motorcycle coils, this setup produces an extremely high spark energy with the spark duration of a good inductive system. This really is the best of both worlds. Our harness is a full Mil Spec Tefzel harness with shielded cables on the triggers, coil outputs, and power cables. We use a rubber boot at the CDI connector, DR25 shrink, new connectors for the coils, and an 8 pin DTM connector for the coil subharness.

The kit includes (1) M&W Pro Drag 4, (4) new OEM Honda coils, (1) Mil Spec T1 harness and full installation instructions.

This setup can be used on any B, H, or D series motor with a computer with 4 ignition outputs (AEM, Motec, Autronic, etc)

B Series VTEC setups include billet coil plate for mounting the CBR coils.

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