K-Tuned Ram Style Race Header



K-Tuned Ram Style Race Header

K-Tuned Ram Style Race Header

K20 and K24 in DA, EG, EK,and DC2

K-Tuned Ram Header

The K-Tuned Ram Header at first glance looks like a pretty crazy design. Essentially it is a long tube header that has been pushed up into the engine bay to provide much better ground clearance. However, there is another purpose to all the turns that you are seeing. They keep the exhaust gases hot and when the exhaust is hot it moves out more quickly. So I bet your next question is, “Does it make power ?” The answer is yes. This header is definitely the top dog of K-Tuned swap headers. It beat both our K-Tuned 4-2-1 Swap header and even our 4-1Race header during dyno testing. Also when tested side by side against a header with a comparable tube length we came out ahead again.
The K-Tuned Ram Header features full 304 stainless steel construction with equal length tubing and a proven stepped design. It starts with 44mm primaries to 47mm to 50mm and finishes with a 65mm or 2.5” exit. It also uses three true merge collectors at all transitions to maximize the exhaust flow. This header has been specifically designed for both high end and midrange horsepower gains. Now for the best part, not only does this header offer excellent ground clearance and shifter box clearance it also fits both K20 and K24 engines in the DA, EG, EK and DC2 chassis. Sorry guys it does not fit the EF chassis.

Update:We have had great success with our Ram header and have increased production to help keep up supply and offer a more competitive price. We have purchased an increased amount of headers from our manufacturer and trimmed some of our margin to bring the price down to $849.99.

There is an optional $25 surcharge for customers to have the header assembled, this covers the cost of assembly and increased cost of shipping a larger box.

There is only minor changes to the header. We have now switched over to a 3 bolt triangle flange with flex. The Ram header is still made of quality 304 stainless steel and comes with the same quality work you have come to know from us.

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