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K-Tuned No-Cut K-Swap Z3 Shifter

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K-Tuned No-Cut K-Swap Z3 Shifter

K-Tuned No-Cut K-Swap Z3 Shifter - EG/DC2/EK/EF/DA chassis with K20Z3 transmission swap

Note: This shifter is NOT recommended for race use. If you plan on racing you car please look into the Billet TSX/Accord Shifter which can easily be used with a K20Z3 transmission.


  • True no-cut installation
  • Works with K20Z3 shift selector & cables
  • Keep center console and cupholders in place
  • Perfect for K20Z3 swaps

The K20Z3 transmission from the 06-11 Civic SI is something we are seeing used a little more often, and for several good reasons. These transmissions have really nice gear ratios, a pretty strong factory LSD, plus in most cases they have less mileage on them than older RSX models. The K-Tuned K20Z3 No-Cut Shifter is designed to be used in all EF, DA, EG, DC2 and EK chassis and of course, as the title states, it is installed with absolutely no cutting of the exhaust tunnel. On a manual chassis, use the OEM shifter linkage holes for the rear and simply drill 2 more holes up front and you're done. The aluminum mechanism for the shifter will then bolt in place up top and the arms will pass down through the factory shifter hole. The bottom section where the cables are connected is fully sealed and 100% leak-free unlike some other designs where water and exhaust gases can actually get inside the shifter and the cabin.

The shifter was designed to be used with OEM Civic SI shifter cables which don't cost much even if bought new from the dealer. These cables will bolt-on like OEM and even the stock center console and cup holders can remain in place. Just like our No-Cut RSX design, we again constructed this shifter using 90% billet aluminum with mix of stainless steel, brass and delrin. There are 2 different settings for the shift throw that are set from below at the cable connection points. A progressive rate neutral return spring is used just like the ones that are used in the OEM design.

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