Garrett GT3076R (aka GT30R aka GT3037) Ball Bearing Turbo

GRT TBO-005-T3-GT4B-63AR
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Garrett GT3076R (aka GT30R aka GT3037) Ball Bearing Turbo

The one and only dual Ball Bearing GT3076R Turbo assembly (Garrett P/N: 700382-5012) with turbine housing of your choice. T04E frame size compressor housing with 4" inlet and 2". Very Good response turbo for 4 Cyl applications. This turbo has a flow capacity of about over 500HP. This turbo would be the same as HKS GT3037. Standard (default) turbine housing is first one listed (T3 inlet with 3" 4 bolt "GT" conical discharge flange) and various other turbine housing options are available for easy retrofit into applications where your turbine housing type is already dictated by your current turbo.

-Wheel: 60mm w/ 84 trim
-Housing: .63 A/R, .82 A/R, 1.06 A/R

-Wheel: 76.2mm w/ 56 trim
-Housing: .60 A/R

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