Driveshaft Shop Level 3.9 Axle Kit

$1,576.56 $1,418.99


Driveshaft Shop Level 3.9 Axle Kit

** May be back ordered 4+ weeks, please contact us before purchasing for proper lead times **

This axle/hub system is made and designed for a street car or drag car with up to 600HP. This was the older Stage 5 Kit (2004 and older) and it was brought back due 600HP street cars becoming a common thing. This has been one of the best know systems for a Honda platform to date. The kit comes with both axles made from 300M with billet inner housings. The outer cv is 20% larger than factory and is made from a proprietary material that is extremely strong. The kit comes with a custom hub that is an exact factory replica with a larger spline inside. The kit can be ordered with either long ARP racing studs or a set of standard length ones. ABS Rings on this system can be installed for an extra $100.00 if needed.X

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