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Denso Iridium ITV24 Spark Plugs (Heat Range 8) Set of 4

DENSO 5341-4
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Denso Iridium ITV24 Spark Plugs (Heat Range 8) Set of 4

Denso ITV24 Spark Plugs Two Steps Colder

These two step colder plugs are recommend for those running high boost levels.

These are NOT pre-gapped by us as you will need to run a gap tight enough to eliminate ignition misfires with your fuel and boost levels. We recommend 0.026" as a starting point.

(NOTE:Dropping plugs into the hole can result in a closed gap, please be careful to install them with a proper spark plug socket that holds the plug) Tighten to 15 lb-ft or 1/16 turn after seating.

Heat Range Guide:

ITV20 - Stock heat range
ITV22 - One step colder than stock (recommended for stock turbo vehicles with a tune)
ITV24 - Two step colder than stock (recommended for high boost)


Mustang EcoBoost 2015-up
Focus ST 2013-up
Fiesta ST 2014-up
Fusion 2014-up
Mazdaspeed 3 2007-up
Mazdaspeed 6 2006,2007

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