Competition Clutch Triple Disc Multiplate Clutch Kit

CCI 4T-8026-C


Competition Clutch Triple Disc Multiplate Clutch Kit

Competition Clutch provides the most economical racing clutch for the active sport compact enthusiast and is the preferred assembly for the professional racer. The CCI Triple Disc delivers uncompromised reliability and performance. All assemblies are plug and play with no additional modifications required in the transmission. Guaranteed to provide simplicity in installation and inexpensive component repair and replacement.

SpeedFactory Racing has been torture testing the new Competition Clutch Triple Disc in our 1400+whp 7 Second Outlaw car over the past 2 seasons. This clutch was designed to meet the needs of racers that are generating EXTREME power levels of 1100+hp. The addition of a 3rd disc and floater allows this clutch to handle even higher levels of torque & heat. We are happy to say that it has performed flawlessly, and is now available for purchase as a new product in the Competition Clutch lineup!

This kit includes flywheel, floater plates, clutch discs, pressure plate and all hardware to assemble. Also included are flywheel bolts, custom release bearing, and alignment tool.

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