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Blox Racing Map Bypass Valve Type B - Firewall Mounted



Blox Racing Map Bypass Valve Type B - Firewall Mounted

The BLOX Racing MAP Bypass Valve is designed for use with forced-induction applications.

The MAP Bypass Valve completely blocks boost from reaching the MAP sensor, thus simulating a wide-open-throttle reading at the vehicle's ECU. The vehicle is then prevented from running in "limp" mode so that no check-engine light appears. The end result is protecting the MAP sensor from being damaged.

MAP Bypass Valves are available as internal or external units.



86-93 Honda B16/17/18
88-91 Honda Civic, CRX D16/B16
90-93 Honda Accord F22
91-96 Honda Prelude H22/23
Universal Applications with Hose End MAP Sensors

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