Blox Racing K-Swap Header for EG/EK/DC

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Blox Racing K-Swap Header for EG/EK/DC

Blox Racing K-Swap Header for EG/EK/DC

BLOX Racing K-Swap exhaust headers is designed to maximize the engine’s spent exhaust gas and broaden the powerband, increasing horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range. This 4-2-1 header is constructed out of 16-gauge, T304 stainless steel and features equal-length, mandrel-bent tubing. The piping and CNC-machined flanges are then TIG-welded for additional strength and reliability.

With K-series engine swaps becoming more affordable, BLOX Racing’s K-Swap exhaust header is a must-have upgrade. The header is properly designed to provide the necessary ground, oil pan and shift box clearances. There is also no need to modify or cut the chassis’ front cross member prior or during installation. BLOX Racing K-Swap exhaust header is designed to fit Honda EG, EK and DC chassis with K20 or K24 engine swaps using HASport™ or similar style engine mount kits.

The diameter and lengths of the piping have been extensively optimized and dyno-tested to support over 280WHP naturally-aspirated and over 400WHP supercharged. BLOX Racing also offers K-series camshafts and valvetrain components and throttle bodies, including RBC and K2B throttle body adapters and TPS.


T304 Stainless Steel Specs:

Step-up Piping Sizes (OD)
49mm - 51mm - 56mm

Mandrel-bent, TIG-welded
10mm thick cylinder head flange
8mm thick collector flange
2-piece, includes header springs
4-2-1 Tri-Y design
15.5 lbs

Titanium Specs:

Product Specification
Material: Grade 1 titanium
Tubing: 1mm wall thick
Pairing: Cylinders 1&3, 2&4
Cylinder head flange: 8mm thick, laser-cut
Collector flange: 8mm thick, laser-cut
Temp (max): 2100° F

Material Attibutes
Purest form of titanium
Highest strength and density
Better heat transformation
Highest ductility
Excellent corrosion resistance
Excellent welding properties
High impact toughness
Extremely lightweight

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