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Direct Fit High Impedance Fuel Injector Set

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Direct Fit High Impedance Fuel Injector Set

Saturated / High Impedance Fuel Injector Set of 4

K-Series, B Series, D Series, H Series, and Some F-Series Engines

Also included are Fuel Injector Electrical Plugs, Wiring Pigtails, and Aluminum Fuel Rail Adapter Tops for proper fitment in fuel rail/intake manifold.

**(Except 2200cc, includes Injector Electrical Plugs w/ PINS for wiring, no fuel rail adapter tops are necessary)**

These fuel injectors are perfect for all motor and forced induction applications with a robust internal coil design that delivers ultra-fast response time, great idle and lots of high-end power. These have been proven to be extremely reliable up to 90% duty cycle (Note: if you are running above 90% duty cycle, it is highly recommended to move up to a higher-flowing (larger size) fuel injector).

*Ultra Fast Response Times
*Consistant at very low pulse widths

Fuel Injector Specifications:
Injector type: Saturated
Fuel Delivery: Single opening with rotation ball-valve
Coil Resistance: 12.5OHMS
Minimum Pulse Width: 1.8ms

Latency/offsets (dead-time) table from 8 volts to 18 volts at 3 Bar

Injector Dimensions:
Electrical connector type: EV6/14
Overall length: 65mm - 2.12 in
Body Diameter: 17mm - 0.70 in
O-ring to o-ring, on center: 37.5mm - 1.5 in
Upper o-ring diameter: 11mm
Lower o-ring diameter: 14.5mm
O-ring material: Viton

This is a complete set of 4 injectors. Please email us with any questions at

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