Blox Racing Oil Pan Baffle for K Series Engines

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Blox Racing Oil Pan Baffle for K Series Engines

BLOX Racing's Oil Pan Baffle is designed to prevent oil from sloshing inside the pan. The unique design creates three chambers within the pan, with the largest surrounding the oil pump pick-up. This ensures that the enough oil volume is present to prevent starvation during hard driving, cornering and racing conditions. With continuous oil pick-up, critical engine lubrication is maintained.

The oil pan baffle is manufactured using 16-gauge aluminum and features stainless steel rivets. The baffle is bolt-in and is easy to install.


This product is designed to work on any Honda K-series engine that uses the following OEM or equivalent parts:

  • RSX-S oil pan: PN 1200-PRB-000
  • RSX-S oil pump: PN 15100-PRB-A01
  • RSX-S chain: PN 13441-PCX-004
  • RSX-S chain guide: PN 13460-PNC-004
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