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King Racing High Performance Complete Engine Bearing Set for Honda/Acura (Main - Rod - Thrust)



King Racing High Performance Complete Engine Bearing Set for Honda/Acura (Main - Rod - Thrust)
Standard (STD) / 1.6L DOHC B16 - $109.99

This listing is for a complete King Racing Engine Bearing Set for (1) engine - Main Bearings, Connecting Rod Bearings, and Thrust Washer Set.

As race engines have continued to evolve and become more powerful, the need for engine bearings that could withstand the increasingly higher load capacity on these higher power engines has been evident. Focusing on the Sport compact range, King Racing is offering newely designed products for Honda /Acura including both horizontal Honda engines (B series Turbo or NA) and transverse engines (S2000 Turbo or supercharger).

pMAX Black™ – This unique tri-metal bearing structure was developed to meet the ongoing demand for increased engine bearing load capacity. The intermediate layer uses a copper based alloy with 4.5% tin for added strength that is the strongest in the industry, at 115 HV. This gives the bearing a load capacity of 17,000 psi in the intermediate! The overlay is also 24% stronger because of a 5% copper alloy with a fatigue resistance of 10,200 psi, 17% more than a standard bearing. King’s SecureBond™ etching process also improves the multi-layer adhesion and structural integrity of the bearing.

U-Groove™ – By using a 90° groove as opposed to a chamfered groove, the effective surface area of the bearing is increased. That in turn, increases the bearing load capacity and gives a better load distribution across the surface of the bearing.

Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ – King’s standard for bearing thickness consistency has set new standards in the industry. With King bearings, there is no need to purchase multiple sets of bearings to get the right clearance, no need to grind cranks, and no need to adjust housing diameter.

ElliptiX™ – This newly designed oil slot improves oil ingress without affecting the bearing’s surface or compromising the load capacity.

RadiaLock™ – To prevent spun bearings, King has developed a unique process to customize each bearing’s crush height to meet its specific performance demands.

EccentriX™ – By using elasto-hydrodynamic analysis, an optimized eccentricity value for each bearing is reached and the bearing is custom designed using this value to meet specific performance requirements. This process allows a more stable hydrodynamic lubrication regime is reached.

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