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FlatShifter "SHIFT" Strain Gauge/ Load Cell Gear Shift Knob



This is a state of the art Strain Gauge Shift Knob that we've used for years on many of our own drag cars. Simply install this shift knob then wire in the power/ground/signal wires to the ECU, and setup the input in your EMS system to trigger an ignition cut for easy, seamless full throttle clutchless up shifting!

This system works great for either rod or cable actuated shifters such as your common Honda/Acura B-Series or K-Series cars. We use the 2.5V Reference Amplifier Module option as most standalone EMS will easily accept a 0-5V trigger range.



  1. WIRING - Use clean regulated power and ground signals directly from the ECU!

  2. Do not use a chassis ground as you will likely experience problematic voltage fluctuations. Use a sensor ground pin on the ECU.

  3. Use a regulated sensor supply pin for consistent clean voltage to the Flatshifter strain knob. If you are using the 2.5V resting module, we've used +5V or +8V auxiliary sensor supply and sensor ground pins directly from the ECU with great results. If you are using the Adjustable amp module, see #5 below. 

  4. If you are seeing the strain gauge voltage output changing with engine rpm/throttle position you do not have clean regulated power and ground, fix your wiring. When wired with clean power and ground signals we have zero issues. ALL user issues we've seen are caused by installing with dirty power and/or ground signals.

  5. If using the Adjustable amp module with Hondata, wire both of the output/trigger signal wires together to the same input pin on the ECU side. It will also need a +12V supply (+5v sensor supply will not work with this particular module).

  6. If necessary use input signal filtering in your calibration so that you have a clean smooth voltage reading.

  7. Resting voltage may vary - no need to worry, this is fine. Use the resting voltage (whatever it is) as your zero point in your calibration setup (this is normal sensor calibration procedure).

  8. You may notice slight fluctuations in the resting voltage with ambient temperature change and use. Typically this is very minor and not enough to cause any issues, but if you desire you may re-zero the sensor reading in your calibration before each pass. 

  9. DO NOT re-tap this shift knob for use with other thread pitch shifters - doing so will damage the internal load cell and render the product useless! If needed, you may re-tap your shifter to work with the thread pitch of your Flatshifter shift knob instead.  


General explanation of operation/EMS setup:

If using the 2.5V Reference Amplifier Module, resting voltage will be approximately 2.5V and voltage will swing between ~2.5-5.0V in one direction of force (pulling the lever for example) and will swing between ~2.5-0.0V in the opposite direction of force (pushing the lever for example). The amount of voltage swing increases with the amount of force applied. You would setup the cut to trigger at a voltage threshold of your choice, lets say +/- 0.5V from the resting value of ~2.5V. So your EMS will trigger a cut if voltage either drops below 2.0V or rises above 3.0V.

If using the Adjustable Amplifier Module (Hondata S300/KPro), you adjust the knob to trigger the cut output signal to the ecu at your desired pressure level. Under Parameters>Full Throttle Shift you must select the proper activation input pin that you wired the output wires to and setup the minimum RPM/speed/TPS thresholds you want (example 8000rpm/30mph/80%tps). Then enable the Strain Gauge Activated Cut check box and set your cut duration (example 110ms) and reactivation delay times (example 1000ms).  


Manufacturer’s Description:

The Flatshifter ‘shift’ is a shear beam force sensor strain gauge gear knob (load cell) which is designed to replace any OEM gear shifter knobs on a sequential gearbox to enable clutchless up and/ or down shifting using our patented Flatshifter systems or any other makers clutchless gear shifting system, or ECU ignition-cut and throttle blip functions. This load cell gear knob utilizes the latest full bridge strain gauged shear beam load cell that causes the force applied to the gear knob cover to act at the instantaneous center of rotation of the gear lever making the device insensitive to hand position, unlike similar sensors that use bending beam load cells.

The device is supplied complete with cover, cable and connector. An amplifier module is supplied to excite the bridge and amplify the bridge output. Several amplifier options are available to suit individual applications.

• Force Range Bi- directional 1–12Kg (10–120N).

• Gauge resistance 350 Ohms.

• Excitation voltage 5 Volts

• Temperature range -10 – +50 deg. C.

• Max overload 150% FS.

• Tightening torque 16 Nm.

• Attachment Thread M10 x 1.5 or 1/2inch dia.

• Cable. 1 meter four core shielded cable fitted with Binder IP40 conn.

• Weight. 168 Grams.


Please call or email our knowledgable staff if you have any questions before placing your order. or (253)566-4331.

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